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David Waldman has not yet divulged the broadcast location of KITM Worldwide’s summer headquarters, but it looks like Donald Trump is heading to New Jersey for his fun in the sun.

Greg Dworkin calls applesauce on how the American press covers Trump. It’s the narrative, stupid. Greg’s got your narrative right here. Trump remains bold, unpredictable, unpopular, and shockingly ignorant. Trump’s Armada dodge didn’t fool anyone. Reluctant Trump voters are becoming even less enthusiastic, especially on Trumpcare. Paul Ryan’s healthcare idea is about as old as he is. Some Republicans think they are approaching a deal, some think they are even further apart.

Hey, what was that recent Tax March about? Were they “pro-tax” or “anti-tax”? It seemed just ambiguous… Now what is the March for Science about? People might get the idea with these marches that Trump might be harmful in general.  

Jeff Sessions hasn’t got around to filling any of the US attorney positions he purged. Trump and Devin Nunes coördinated effort to manufacture an excuse for Trump’s tweeting is still causing some troubleJason Chaffetz and Nunes would rather throw themselves under the bus than have Trump do it.

The guy that recommended Rex Tillerson to Trump for Secretary of State must be pleased with his job performance so far. Putin’s government think tank drew up a plan to swing the election to Donald Trump. Why would the FBI ever suspect Carter Page was a Russian agent? The Trump family's worst scandal may be actually be China. China has got the Ivanka Fever.

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