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Did you know that when information passes through Donald Trump on its way to American public, a few kernels of factual truth will sometimes emerge comparatively intact? Never one afraid to get his hands dirty, David Waldman rolls up his sleeves and sifts through Donald’s latest in today’s KITM. Donald Trump’s ideal, Andrew Jackson, has a somewhat mixed legacy, so Trump’s admiration might be problematic... or completely expected.

Is Trump’s ideal America pre-Civil war, or just pre-1890? Maybe the stars represent approval points. Donald rescheduled his dreams to September, because he lost yet again. That’s because we won. Which means we can win again and again. David gives us a peek inside the spending agreement, before Joan McCarter comes in tomorrow and they talk about the politics behind it all.

Trump really doesn’t know what’s in his healthcare bill, which is OK, he won’t be getting it.  

Jared Kushner has all sorts of conflicts of interest issues, but doesn’t seem too worried about it for some reason.

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