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With the help of his friends, David Waldman got a breather today. Not a big enough breather to hit the links at his local historical monument though. (You’d think Andrew Jackson would have known better than to lead his troops across a golf course...) But why was there the Civil War?

Greg Dworkin rounds up the news of how our Clown in Chief, who says our country needs a good “shutdown”. (Trump knows his history.) Jimmy Kimmel pulled heartstrings and pushed buttons when he said he was happy that his son was alive. What sort of person could oppose Kimmel’s plea? Some Republicans are just learning about the Kimmel side of the story, and hope their Senate pals can help them out. Maybe a little amendment will help this blow over, but probably not, especially when it makes it worse for everybodyPersonal bankruptcy filings plummeted after Obamacare.

Trump gives us a preview of next year’s Pence administration. Laughing is no longer a laughing matter. Maybe Hillary and Donald can join forces to take out their common enemy? The chief enemy of the Trump administration is everyone else in the Trump administration.

Joan McCarter longs for the days when Joe Namath looked pretty, and knew when to speak. Before Marco Rubio came along to raise Obamacare premiums and mess up people’s lives. Now, a single Iowan has healthcare that costs $1 million per month, while Iowa’s last insurer selling individual health policies exits. Paul Ryan is fast-tracking Zombie Trumpcare to those suckers in the Senate, with the aim of eventually screwing Blue States.


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