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Quick—listen to today’s KITM right now, because Zombie Trumpcare might be advancing yet again, and you’ll need to review all of the information David Waldman presents, with the help of Greg Dworkin and Armando to reach the required quantity of insight and outrage to handle your day.

Why is the Gop leadership intent on walking their caucus off a cliff? Don’t they see this is a career-ending mistake? Their bill Is an abdication of responsibility and a moral disgrace. New horrible things are revealed daily: A provision to defund Planned Parenthood, the strangling of special education, the physical endangerment of every American—all added to secure additional Republican support. And all of this, even before the CBO score is known.  

Sure, the Republicans are hypocritical, double-dealing, incompetent and think even their supporters are idiots, but what are YOU going to do about it? Call your representatives, or better yet, become one!

How’d we get into this mess? Well there’s James Comey, and that letter he sent to Congress on Oct. 28. There is also the press, who have a weird problem with Hillary Clinton. Keep the media accountable. Even George Will will tell you there is something wrong with Trump, and even Democrat Jon Ossoff is getting big Republican support in Georgia.


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