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It’s Friday! Let’s break out the Bud light and share a toast to the happiness of a 70 year old man with preexisting conditions. This weekend the party continues in NYC, and in New Jersey with Donald, who is down to party 30% of the time. Even so, David Waldman still finds himself concerned about the health of our humble President. George Will sees that Trump has a dangerous disabilityIs the most clueless man in Washington flamboyantly ignorant, or are Trump’s smoke and mirrors hiding… nothing?

The Trumpcare victory is not yet complete, but the Trump family picked up an extra $120 million to tide them over.

While in Mar-a-Lago and enjoying the most beautiful fish (Trump had his own separate sauce, because Donald hates double-dippers... unless he’s doing it ) Trump offered to oversee the marriage vows of his dear friends Joe and Mika, who he believes are crazy, dumb, mentally fragile, and disposable

According to Ivanka Trump, Ivanka Trump is our only hope. For instance, when her dad bragged about grabbing genitalia, it made her sad. She, and our government want to sell you a book. The book describes how you can be like her if you make some sacrifices. Meanwhile, Edward Crawfordthe Ferguson protester in the iconic photo, has been found dead, in a quite similar fashion to this Ferguson protester.

A firearm instructor shoots a student during class. That’s how you learn.

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