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Guess what today’s topic was on KITM. Yes, there was a little bit on Bernie Sanders and John Kasich, but for the most part David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and Armando decided today would be the day to address the recent firing of James Comey. Catch this show, and catch up, before whatever Donald does this PM to get you distracted.

Greg rounds-up Yates and Flynn and Comey, oh, my! Is Trump the new dumber Nixon? Yes! Will the law answer to the president or the president to the law? For the last week Donald Trump had been screaming at the TV and underlings in a different way than usual, a sign that this quiet introspective President might turn against the very Orc that put him in power, and the one that would stand up to him. Now, as Roger Stone tries to get attentionfederal prosecutors issue grand jury subpoenas, Republican Barbara Comstock calls for an independent investigation, and Marco Rubio stands very still hoping people will walk by, what should the Republicans do? What should the Democrats do? Mitch McConnell figures a new Russia investigation would get in the way of him getting in the way of investigating RussiaDianne Feinstein has a different opinion, and will invoke the two-hour rule to shut down the Judiciary hearing this morning. At this rate, hearings for FBI director Omarosa will take forever. That’s it, U.S. Census Bureau director John H. Thompson is out of here.

In turbulent times as these, you can take solace in knowing that unpaid Trump staff Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner got their rent reduced to $15,000 per month.

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