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David Waldman hopes everyone had a pleasant Mother’s Day. Donald Trump might have misunderstood what sort of “mother” he was honoring, as he spent the day golfing. Perhaps he was giving his kids and their mothers the gift of his absence. (Donald only has a finite amount of energy to spend on family) Newt Gingrich traditionally celebrated Mother’s Day with the next wife, which will now be more convenient once he ships Callista off to the Pope

Bleached A-holes White Nationalists, starring Richard Spencer, chased the mosquitoes from a confederate statue in Charlottesville, Va. for their Mother’s Day observance. 

Greg Dworkin brings us the up-to-the-minute latest in expert punditry: Republicans aren’t particularly happy with Trump, and neither is the public. Presidential job approval might not be the only thing destroying the Gop in the midterms, but Trump is out there trying. Trumpcare is also more hated than Obamacare ever was. Special elections will offer a test of ObamaCare repeal. All this has convinced many Democrats to not yet surrender, and even some are moving onto Republican turf. Republicans will spend the summer in townhalls figuring out which way to go, without running off the road. A Congressman writes to an employer to get a protester fired.

You demonstrate your loyalty to Trump by lying for him, he demonstrates his loyalty to you by firing you.

Trump takes his show overseas this week! Bon voyage! While abroad, Donald might get an audience with the Nigerian Prince interested in paying for the wall.

Armando calls in to discuss the “Trump is an Idiot” defense. Why are Republicans making tax laws so stupid, simple? Trump’s wires are tapped! Sure, Trump has a few Russian connections, what’s it to you?

Here’s a handy pronunciation guide on the some of the names David and Greg will mangle this year.

The Resistance is not a white male movement.

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