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Greg Dworkin cuts through the chaos to point out that all the chaos is baffling the public less and less, even amongst the hard core Trumpists, who are beginning to slip into the enthusiasm gap. The Health Care bill already has the house in play, but now impeachment is becoming a winning Democratic issue. Republicans need votes too, so Trump’s protective wall is beginning to crack. Jason Chaffetz’s subpoena pen is starting to rise in anticipation. Of course, most polling occurred before news of the Comey Memo, and of course Trump’s overseas fiascos. Fox talkers are sooo bored with all of this, and anyhow they need to tune up for “Nearer My God to Thee”. Vlad throws in the anchor.

Today Armando came to praise Greg, not to dispute him. What will it be, impeachment or the 25th amendment? Trump’s exceptional dealings with Russians continue to grow.

Joan McCarter discusses the three exits Republicans are running for: “Trump is a victim”, “Trump is an idiot”, or “Trump is king”. Intelligence Trump leaked to Russians came from Israel, so maybe he should have checked his itinerary first. Looks like it will be a family trip, then.

Donald threatens to ruin Mitch and Paul’s lifetime chance to ruin things, but not if their love holds strongso Democrats have one choice: Shut. It. Down.

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