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It’s getting harder and harder to adequately address the number of daily headlines that are legitimate outrages. But Greg Dworkin manages quite nicely with his roundup, and even draws Armando into the mix again today. Trump prepares to ignore the worldwide phenomenon, which some believe is a hoax, and withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate change agreement, abdicating America’s leadership role in global affairs. Meanwhile, Rep. Tim Wahlberg (R-MI) is relying on another worldwide phenomenon, which some believe is a hoax, to save us. Believe me, the world can see what Trump’s doing. And what he’s not. That much I can tell you.

Will Republicans who call him out pay a price at the polls? How about loyalists in marginal & shifting districts? Or does the post-Brexit experience of the fringe-right indicate a different outcome? Speaking of which, Nigel Farage has made the FBI’s list in the Trump-Russia investigation. And speaking of that, James Comey is set to testify next week. Armando chimes in on the complicated question of whether Trump can invoke “executive privilege” to stop him. Meanwhile, “recused” House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes is meddling again, this time unilaterally issuing subpoenas without informing committee Dems.

In health care legislation news, who owns the problems now? The Gop, by an almost 40-point margin. But LOL YOLO, nothing matters. Unless it does.

Trump grifters exploit yet another target, this time the families of victims of crime Trump built his immigration rhetoric around. And yet another central tenet of the campaign is smashed as Trump grants ethics & lobbying waivers to his entire WH senior staff, yet avoids naming names. And if you’re using the First Amendment to spill the beans, Trump’s got a Fourth Amendment surprise for you.

Thinking of deferring taxes on your vast wealth until Republicans slash rates? Turns out you’re pushing us past the debt ceiling quicker than expected. Hope that doesn’t cause you any problems.

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