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Correspondent Donald Trump, quoting a senior White House official, got the scoop on everyone today. It’s big news, and would normally be the biggest news, probably leading to the hugest news, but right now is just debris in the winds of chaos. Donald Trump thrives in chaos. Chaos is his normal. Greg Dworkin describes this paradox today.

Trump chaos has spread around the world. Rex Tillerson gets the message. Bob Corker is now seeing Trump’s world trip as less than perfect. Four top law firms turned down requests to represent TrumpSadiq Khan 2020!

So, why is there support anywhere for this chump? Because the people they trust support him. Greg describes “Permission Structures”, one of which David Waldman erects in his front yard every couple of years. Republicans vote Republican no matter how much Republicans make them cry. For some, Democrats aren’t even people. Luckily, not everybody is them. Most Trump voters were not working class. Trumpism is ideology, not class

Trump aides’ idea,“Help Russia, ask for nothing back” sure won’t go over well with the boss. Donald asked Dan Coats to get Comey off his back. Meanwhile commercials want to sell you against Comey. Senate Republicans are closer than ever to repealing Obamacare—or at least to be seen trying to.

Joan McCarter agrees that Senate Republicans are either close to or far away from Obamacare repeal. Ready or not, Mitch McConnell is going to push Trumpcare. To warm up the crowd in Cinci, Trump took health insurance away from 13,000 Ohioans. Republicans are ready to destroy Medicaid and deny the dreams of millions. Eric Trump is pretty dumb, but the dumbest thing he ever did was let his dad near anything he didn’t want corrupted. Joan & David try out search engines, and find out that Google is indeed gamed.

A senior executive in DOJ’s Executive Office for Immigration Review hits the ground running in his efforts to make the swamp swampy.

British society is unarmed, and therefore impolite, as demonstrated by the Millwall fan rudely interrupting terrorists.

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