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Chaos! Pandemonium reigns during the first 15 minutes or so of KITM, and it had nothing to do with the Trump administration! Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter called in to say hi to David Waldman, and that’s about as far as they got before Skype issues took them away. Both return tomorrow and will take another whack at it.

Donald Trump takes a darker turn, by appealing to the whitest insecurities. Trump wants a culture war. Are Democrats ready to fight back? Maybe... Trump thinks America is a hell-hole generally, but the White House is a real dump.

Meanwhile, Donald dropped a major deuce of stories. First, there’s Trump’s Wall Street Journal interview. A full transcript exists for the hardy, but leave it to professionals like David Dale to reveal the “highlights”, etc., etc. The second news flash is that Trump found that Russian sanction bill—it’s always the last place you look—and he’s getting some whining out while he searches for new smoochable areas on Putin’s butt. Rex Tillerson is helping hold the flashlight, and has found aspects of the State department to destroy, from countering Russian propaganda, to reducing requirements for justice or democracy.

Donald always has his comrades in mind. Putin and Trump are so close, each finishes the other’s alibis. Putin and Trump are as close as Fox and Sputnik.

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