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Concerned that KITM will become just another slick, over-produced, MSM radio show? Worry no more! However, after an initial launch anomaly this morning, David Waldman was soon back on the air to help you prepare for the weekend!

Donald Trump’s well-deserved 17 day weekend has already begun. Work is still happening, however. Trump has people staying behind to fix up the dump and work on some persistent plumbing issues.

Armando calls in, not at all anxious about leaks, very anxious about Trump’s fitness for office. Donald spoke loudly and carried a small stick to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, but couldn’t convince Enrique to lie for him. Australia didn’t want to build a wall either, probably because of their anti-”boat” discrimination

Team Trump is setting up to confirm/deny and deny/confirm a lot shortly. Robert Mueller is issuing subpoenas through a Washington Alexandria grand jury, as his investigation marches on. Meanwhile the rest of the Trump family are receiving some notice. Jared Kushner’s firm is getting subpoenaed in New Jersey. Don, Jr. tried to jack the Secret Service for more rent money, and this Trump real estate deal looks awfully like criminal tax fraud.

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