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One Day Later. Welcome back to the fantasy marksman, the “but criminals don’t obey the law” argument, the “evil will always find a way” argument, the “this is all too technical for you” argument, the “We’ll have to look into all of this, someday” government, the “but, what makes this story special, rather than all too common?” media focus, the guy that finds out that bullets really, really hurt, and on and on, etc.  Sure this must seem idiotic to you, but the other side must be doing something right, because almost all of it remains legal, and everything about the situation just keeps getting worse. Steve Bannon warns that if the gun fun does end, it would be the end of everything.

David Waldman takes us away from this dismal, depressing, awfulness to—oh wait... Children forced to hide in a bathroom during shootout at California day care. Now, let’s move on:

Here are three major bombshell Trump/Russia stories you missed yesterday. Actually, not much escapes KITM’s watchful gaze. Listeners already know a lot about Paul Manafort’s private briefings to Oleg Deripaska. Manafort was using Trump as a bargaining chip before the election, the question is did Donald’s value go up after the election?

There is a yet another Kushner private email account, plenty more secrets to come, although you know his risotto could never be as creamy.

Author Paula Apynys returns to read Part Two of “The Domestic Abuse Cycle: A Framework for our Politics and a Path Forward”.

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