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David Waldman was feverishly boarding up the windows and reinforcing the doors at KITM World Headquarters when he discovered a hurricane was heading his way too! It’s always something!

It is hurricane season, with Florence, Isaac, and others heading our way. Hurricane Florence is downgraded to a category 2, while FEMA is downgraded to a subordinate of ICE. No matter how low he goes, Donald Trump still can’t limbo under Hurricane Maria.

Put bloodhounds on any money trail, and you’ll have some Trump treed in no time.

Flunkies don’t stand up to Trump, unless they want to quit being flunkies.

Donald Trump may stun America with a shocking November surprise! David will not keep you in suspense. Will the mob take over America before the Mob does? The Electoral College is too frightened to function.

Brett Kavanaugh is able to lie in print as well as he does face to face. Brett can be first on the Impeachment chopping block. We haven’t even gotten around to asking about the $200,000 in baseball tickets!

Less than a tenth of one percent of people who lied on their gun background check were prosecuted during the last year. Oh well, the police will probably pick them up for something else eventually.

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