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The countdown to the midterm elections passes 5 days. David Waldman suggests we fasten our seatbelts and place our tray tables in their upright, locked positionKITM copilot Greg Dworkin gives us a thumbs up, while crossing his fingers for luck:

Usually the olds come in for the early bird voting, this year it’s a millennial thing. Even if they are voting ironically, it’s probably a good thing, as young voters are being joined by lots of blacks and Hispanics.

Donald Trump loves to lie, and he loves to hate, and Donald’s deep fondness for both is beyond doubt in his latest paean to all he adores. Steve King shares Trump’s passions, and the two joined their love for 75 minutes this month. Mike DeWine finds he has a complicated relationship with Republican ideals, and Susan Collins finds she is a centrist when it comes to racist hate, while Paul Ryan mumbled something about executive orders before going back to hiding

The solution is to vote against all Republicans. Every single one. The Republican solution to that is to just make voting illegal.

Speaking of the law, what’s Robert Mueller been up to lately? Mr. Mueller’s been so quiet lately, and now that Whitey left an open bunk to fill, it could be that Bobby is coming for the Prez. Or maybe not, there are so many tasty treats left on the menu. For instance, Rudy Giuliani’s dealings with Russia raise so many questions, most with only one answer.

Robert Mueller is by-the-book. Good for him, there is a book called the “Watergate Road Map”.  The Watergate grand jury was prepared to indict President Nixon on four criminal counts.

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