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It’s Tuesday, November 20, and you know what that means! Only 2 days until Morning Kitchen Sex Day, and 43 more days until the the commencement of the 116th United States Congress, the gift that keeps on giving. Today was also the last KITM  for this week. That is, the last KITM in which it was actually possible to hear David Waldman’s utterances separated by only milliseconds from their intended utterance. As of now, today’s show may be considered “pre-recorded”, which also shall be tomorrow’s, because David just keeps cranking them out… and that is something to be thankful for:

Interpol’s former President has been out of the office for a probing that’s probably gone on longer that anyone hoped, forcing his employer to shop for a replacement. The agency is poised to elect a Russian fox to guard the international henhouse. This will allow Russia to expedite the demise of their enemies in the US and around the world.

The White House drops its bid to revoke Jim Acosta's press pass, sort of. In exchange, the press promises not to laugh at the White House anymore, however Ron Chernow might just bring the house down. Here’s how journalists can do better.

President Bone Spurs has a big old yellow streak down his back when it comes to the armed forces, good thing the Gop is here to protect him. Donald sticks with Mohammed bin Salman, who obviously has been following Trump’s scandal avoidance plan to the letter.

Justice! Ivanka Trump will now be locked up in violation of federal records rules for using her personal email account for oh who are we kidding?

Another crazy guy with a gun turns out to be another crazy guy with relationship problems.

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