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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin aren’t fooling around today, no one’s got time for that:

The public hasn’t seen the Mueller report, and won’t be fooled by White House spin. Special elections in Louisiana illustrate that voters aren’t falling for the same old Republican tricks anymore. Overall, Trump remains stable in the polls, as his base will always trust him and no one else ever will. The press did fall for the Barr letter, but no one fell for those few good days of headlines. America wants to move on from the Mueller report, and on to subpoenas to discover the whole truth. Democrats will uncover the whole story, even if one or two people might be impeached along the way. We might even get to find out how Hope Hicks did it.

Sen. Rick Scott becomes the Trump point man on Gop health care policy. Who says Donald doesn’t have a sense of humor?

Donald Trump is the world’s worst cheat at golf, in that he cheats the most often, and with the greatest stupidity.

Alex Jones decides he must have been psychotic to say the things he did, but can’t explain the mental disorder that caused millions to pay attention to him.

Fake news infections spread like measles through the uninoculated

Fox News had to refer to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador as “3 Mexican Countries”, otherwise their viewership wouldn’t know what they were talking about.

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