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David Waldman joins Greg Dworkin and Joan McCarter around the KITM maypole for 2 hours of revelry and analysis:

Today, William Barr is griping to the Senate Judiciary Committee about a disgruntled employee of his. Two time Attorney General Barr hates to “verdicts” questioned by anybody, especially when he’s been conspiring to perjure and obstruct justice… which only leads to more perjury and obstruction, which, in a just world

If Robert Mueller would like to get his side of the story out, he should note that the second hour of tomorrow’s KITM is still open to guests (When the Skype’s working, that is).

Donald Trump has recruited almost 100 firefighters to vote for him in 2020, and yet Joe Biden keeps pulling ahead. Joe is definitely a known quantity. Trump is definitely not the 2020 frontrunner (he wasn’t at the end of 2016 either). Speaking of Republican gerrymanders, 75,000 files have turned up from the computer of a dead redistricting guru. With a Trump second term looking everyone in the face, “electability” is on every Democrat’s list of priorities.

People that know Mitch McConnell like him even less than Trump, therefore Mitch would rather you did not even think about him, and leave him alone with his tobacco execs. Still, McConnell must know that one day, it will be either him or Trump under that bus. It better be a big bus, as Erik Prince, brother of dope Betsy DeVos, is to be the subject of a criminal referral from the House over the Russia investigation.

Taxpayers pick up the tab for the open bar at Mar-a-Lago.

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