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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin return for today’s KITM, leaving an empty seat for William Barr.

The parties play by two very different sets of rules, and Barr will tell you no rules apply to Donald Trump. Barr stunk up the place with lies yesterday, but Kamala Harris didn’t let that happen on her watch. Democrats who voted for Barr knew this was their cue to find a microphone and fret, while Speaker Pelosi told you it was a crime. So, if the system is to continue to work, what does it need to do? The White House agrees: Jerry Nadler needs to step it up, and you know Trump, Barr, and FBI Director Wray would never hesitate

Does Donald Trump make people corrupt, or attract corrupt people? Definitely both, as anyone could tell you, however not everyone agrees on what to do about that. How about… electing Joe Biden? Trump sure seems to think Biden has a chance, therefore you can expect Trump and his allies the New York Times to go on the attack.

The “uncalled witness” in the Anita Hill trial/Clarence Thomas confirmation doesn’t want an apology from Joe Biden, she wants one from Clarence Thomas.  

White nationalists have thoroughly infiltrated conservative media. Where are they becoming radicalized? You were told ICE would reunite thousands of migrant families, and of course it was around 60.

A Florida Officer’s naughty, naughty gun convinced a school full of kids they were all about to die. This would be a logical assumption, given how things go at schools anymore, where the best one can hope for is to die a hero.

Now that Donald already stole the silverware, he and Melania steal the White House.

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