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140 weeks of Donald Trump’s asterisk Presidency. For such an asterisk, he is a real mess, and yet really hard to stop. Is it time to open an inquiry into whether to open an inquiry into whether it would be okay to say the “I” word? Or maybe not?

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin’s inquiring minds are ready to tackle all of the above, but first the “P” word… prorogation.  The UK will decide this evening, or their morning, on that. Also a concern... Boris Johnson gave close personal attention, and a lot of public funding to an American woman who must have been greatly supportive of the British cause.

So is Israel throwing Bibi out, or what? Well, it’s complex, but basically Netanyahu doesn’t want to go to jail yet.

Back to us, and our problem. Unfortunately, Donald Trump isn’t just an idiot. He’s way worse than that. The Ukraine call was one of many to cause trouble for Hunter, and of course Joe Biden. But, what Donald Trump did wasn’t bribery, it was worse than that. It wasn’t extortion, it was worse than that... 

But, so what? Donald knows that. Nancy knows that. So... Will Trump stonewallpoint fingers, and move onWill we?

Moving on... In Iowa, Elizabeth Warren takes the lead. Does winning make her more electable? It beats losing! Everybody hates Donald Trump.

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