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It seems like just a matter of time before Donald Trump pops his baggy suit inside out, revealing a brigadier general outfit, his hair into a helmet, and commandeers a jeep out of DC... but it just doesn’t feel soon enough.

Meanwhile, David Waldman has the whole day blocked off to work out his thoughts concerning another Big Guy with Great and Unmatched Wisdom he knows, but as usual could not resist putting together a little something for us:

David does the color commentary on Darren Samuelsohn’s play by play of the US District Court hearing to get Robert Mueller’s grand jury materials.

The US pulling out of both Syria and the Open Skies Treaty would be the best birthday present for Vladimir Putin. Recep Erdoğan could hardly wait to open his present. For those not presently dying on a Turkish battlefield, Trump’s Ukraine call was one of the scariest things they have witnessed. Ukraine’s former Prosecutor General, Yuri Lutsenko funneled vital potential witness Konstantin Kilimnik to Russia before Robert Mueller could get to him. The scramble to escape Ukraine began the moment Trump hung up the phone.

Neither Donald Trump’s or Boris Johnson’s intelligence officers trust them as far as they could throw them. Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, seems really in sync with his guys.

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