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This Friday, In tony neighborhoods throughout DC, there are so many questions for those planning their escape this weekend, from who has the quickest turnaround on bulk passports, to which wines to pair with swallowing Krugerrands. David Waldman has the answers to these questions, just not the time on today’s info-packed KITM :

Steve Mnuchin prefers his cash domestic, and seems to have swallowed about $100 million. White House staffers without escape plans are thinking of “staycations” through the remainder of the Trump administration.

David reviews the Ukrainegate timeline. More gems are being discovered, most put there by Donald Trump himself. At least four national security officials raised alarms before Trump’s Ukraine call, with the Pentagon pronouncing it illegal. The seediest couple outside of a Sling commercial,  Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, hired Lev Parnas as an interpreter for Ukrainian Dmitry Firtash.

Bob and Becky Mercer’s rainy day fund has been going to Trump, but some has been showing up in Rudy Colludy’s pockets as well. Giuliani frugally recycles printouts from a right-wing blog site as whatever he needs at the time. On the topic of propaganda and obstruction, RealClear Media has a secret Facebook page to push far-right memes, William Barr was forced to call Rupert Murdoch into his office after Fox disappointed Trump , and here’s the story of how the Hill became Trump’s disinformation megaphone.

On the positive side, Ambassador Gordon Sondland will step over White House blocks to show up and testify after all. Former U.S. Ambassador To Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, will also need to hire a food taster after showing up to testify today. And, an appeals court has rejected Trump’s appeal of the House Oversight Committee’s subpoena for his financial records. The Judge called Donald’s lack of response “repugnant”. Deutsche bank might agree that it’s repugnant, but finds that’s just one more reason to cover their, and Trump’s tracks.

Frank Rizzo got hold of Lindsey Graham for a couple of calls to chat about Lindsey and Donald’s admiration of Recep Erdoğan. Meanwhile, Trump had a rally in Minnesota, and it seems like less and less will take what he’s having.

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