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Too much news! Alas, only one David Waldman for today’s KITM.

 “Like two kids in a lot, you gotta let them fight” is of course, piss-poor parenting. Now Donald Trump, who never was a parent, somehow ended up becoming the nightmare stepfather of civilization, so therefore he let one kid rape, stone to death and generally clean out the other kids this week.

For decades, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani played the rusty trombone of Z-list celebrity, leading that big Roy Cohn/Stanley Friedman-corrupt parade out from New York City to eventually take over our Republic, and... here we are.

OK, what hit the fan yesterday? Well, Mick Mulvaney showed expected grace under pressure during his statement/not a statement about “quid pro quo”. Rick Perry pointed at Donald, pointed at Rudy, said it’s been cool, and is out of here. William Barr hopes to Sergeant Schultze his way out of this mess, and Michael McKinley… he just wishes there wasn’t so much politics

Rudy Colludy’s pal Igor Fruman foiled dyslectics while making $100K in illegal campaign donations.

Trump National Doral Miami should be in peak heat, humidity, and infestation around the time of the next G7, and also about 1/3 occupied, so what do you think Trump did about that? It’s only logical.

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