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David Waldman knows it’s hard out here for a pundit. Why, even Rachel Bitecofer tackled authorship, directorship, and professorship before taking on that pundit… ship. Best yet, Rachel succeeds on TV without being either a jerk or a loon, an asset so rare she should be contracted just for that! Alas, Fox News doesn’t believe in any sanity clause, as they’ll mike up any Lex Luthor/Sonny Crockett/Unabomber that comes along. Matt Drudge isn’t guano-crazy enough nowadays to capture the truly screwball out there, like those county commissioners blocking the New York times from their libraries for being “fake news”.

KITM supplies only real, sane, useful news. Case in point: It’s National Donut Day! Buy a sack, bring’em on the airplane! But bring enough to share... they smell so good. If there’s Canadians on board, bring a lot, they like donuts. Bring water too, it seems their water’s pretty crappy, even in comparison to Flint, Michigan, but probably not compared to Kentucky. You know what would help Kentucky’s water? Voting out Governor Matt Bevin, and then Mitch McConnell. (Voting out McConnell would help everything.) You know who has a plan for that? Well, sure, but also Eric Posman, in his Episode #4 of Senate Snippets!

Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified to the House, and the transcripts are out. Turns out Yovanovitch is just like Meghan McCain! Except, of course, in Ukraine’s case, Donald’s paranoid delusions led to intimidation, extortion, corruption, and collusion with Russia to… Oh, I see!

How close would you want to be to Donald Trump when he’s eating? The good news is, he doesn’t want you there either.

Now, wherever you are, get out there and vote! (If you are in Indiana, you might be out of luck, sorry.)

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