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Can you keep a secret?

So can David Waldman. So, don’t come around here expecting details on Greg Dworkin’s absence and any connections to Lev and Rudy’s secret godchild. (More to come!)

Donald Trump stands like Rosie from the Jetsons, if Rosie had 3 inches of toilet paper stuffed into the heels her shoes.

Donald is out purporting again. Now he says he almost saved Matt Bevin in Kentucky… or maybe he saved Kentucky from Matt Bevin? Whatever you’ll buy is whatever he’s selling. Kentucky Republicans would try to steal the election even if Andy Beshear had a 30 point lead. Juli Briskman credits the entire Trump administration for electing her. Libertarians came for the tears.

Donald Trump told William Barr to go on TV and tell people he was innocent. Barr wouldn’t and Trump is furious that you’d ever accuse him of doing that. Trump’s next move is to tell William Barr to proclaim he was innocent of that... whatever “that” is.

Democrats hurry the Impeachment process along, but where are they in a hurry to get to? Now that public hearings are heading this way, what will this next phase look like for Democrats? What about Republicans?

The Obama administration was having some pretty cool “PC” meetings about... process control… provisional chairs? petty cash? Oh... “principals committee”!

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