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Pizzazz! That’s what was missing from yesterday’s first public impeachment hearing. Ok, boomers in their day got by on a tiny bit less zing, but today’s “now” generation demands that moxie. David Waldman spoils us with another razzle-dazzle filled KITM:

Trump admits that he has watched each and every minute of testimony so far. Senate Republicans are telling Trump to set his Tivo for a full Senate trial.

Abby the Doorbell called in to review yesterday’s hearings, but as usual left the door ajar so Greg Dworkin ended up getting in and drowning her out:

Republicans did try to steer away from tedious facts, but one look at George Kent could tell you he wasn’t going there, and neither did the Democrats. The zestiest testimony was of William Taylor Jr, talking about Gordon Sondland’s call to Donald Trump from a restaurant in Kiev (which rhymes with “Steve”, and therefore is now spelled “Kyiv”). (Everyone in the restaurant, Kyiv, Ukraine, and Moscow listened in.)

By the way, Boris Johnson blocked a report about his big Russian donors.

Other than being caught and going to federal prison, probably Roger Stone’s greatest regret is missing out on rat f’ing the Ukraine investigation.

One of the nation’s fakest journalists, John Solomon, moves from his little hill to the big mountain of BS.

The State Department punished one of their employees because they thought she was born in Iran. George Bush got to send “enemy combatants” to Gitmo so why can’t Trump… even if they are migrant children enemies of Trump’s?

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