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Want pizzazz? Look, rest assured that David Waldman would cover “Agent Penis” if clicks were the only issue, but they’re not. Richard Nixon is finally going to jail, and from the looks of it Tricky Dick is hot on his heels, so there’s plenty of pizzazz out there today, if that’s what you’re looking for, but you come to KITM to get the story behind the pizzazz, the “pizzazz plus” if you will:

So, maybe Kyiv doesn’t rhyme with “Steve”, maybe it rhymes with “Styeve”... Anyhow, a second U.S. Embassy staffer is stepping up to say they witnessed Trump and Gordon Sondland’s very loud restaurant conversation over there.

In Saud-owned Arabia, the government is the leading Twitter user. Whoever’s in second place is in a lot of trouble.

A federal appeals court order allows Congress to seek eight years of Trump’s tax records. The Supreme Court could hear the case, pass on hearing the case, or as David reminds us, could declare whatever 5 of them wanted to.

Lev Parnas, whom Trump hardly knows, discussed Ukraine with Trump personally. Parnas had Trump straws, cell phones and lots of cash when the FBI picked him up. One of Parnas’ earlier suckers wants his money back.

The Justice department may or may not charge Andrew McCabe with anything. The judge doesn’t think this is “a hard case”, David begs to differ.

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