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There’s a lot going on today, and we have a lot to tell you. Good thing that most of you have multiple eyes and/or ears, or this would take forever:

David Waldman updates us on Russian agent Maria Butina’s boyfriend Paul Erickson—oh please! That was SO long ago, she has so moved onpleads guilty to fraud

But her emails! Except, it’s Nikki Haley, she’s Republican, and it would have been inconvenient to follow the rules at that time, so…

Guards were just picking out something nice for Jeffrey Epstein’s Christmas present, but then…

Joan McCarter didn’t have the time to make it on the show, but she sure would have had plenty to tell us about!

Even Abby was too busy to visit, but Greg Dworkin carved out a few minutes to explain how emotional and fact-based testimony hurts the White House:

Breaking news: Mike was in on it. Also old news: Mike was always in on it. (You might want to turn your head as the rats begin to eat each other.) Gordon Sondland’s testimony targets Trump, Pompeo and confirms the deal with Ukraine. Federal prosecutors in New York investigating the Rudy Colludy gang want to talk to Burisma’s competitors in Ukraine.

House investigators want the Mueller grand jury materials, and kind of also would like to know if Trump was lying to him.

Polls say that most Americans say the impeachment hearings won't change their minds... of course, most Americans believe Trump committed an impeachable offense, and therefore there aren’t many minds that need to be changed.

Democrats panic! Well, just the usual panicky ones, but most have this 2020 thing figured out.

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