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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin (and Abby) join forces one more time this week to help us figure this whole thing out:

First up, who won the Democratic debate last night? We know they all have their little gaffes, but they all remain winners in our eyes, mostly. (and statistically, whoever our choice is won’t get the nomination and we do need to win this.)

On to the impeachment hearings. Yesterday, Gordon Sondland threw the entire bus under the bus, which is easy when everybody’s on the same crime syndicate bus loop. Today’s alibi: Everyone was following Trump’s orders, which he also somehow did not give. Tomorrow’s alibi: Trump has the right to hold up legally-approved aid, and of course, that isn’t what he did.

As for the good guys, Adam Schiff came up with an excellent strategy to make Devin Nunes the face of the Gop defense. Still, Democrats might need to step it up, as Donald Trump presently is only inconsistently unhappy. (A couple more Jay Leno sets should wipe that smile off.) For some reason, Vladimir Putin is always quite consistently happy.

Devin Nunes used to be alarmed by the rise of conspiracy theorists… until they got to him. Today, Fiona Hill tried to slap him back to reality.

Hiyo! Lev Parnas’ lawyer gives Devin Nunes another thing to have a cow about. Donald somehow kept a straight face as he sent Lev and Devin on a secret mission to undermine Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election-meddling. The Rudy Colludy Gang’s attempt to hijack Ukraine’s natural gas should prove to be the first of several 'layers' of corruption uncovered.

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