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It’s December, it is almost 2020!  It’s time for David Waldman to bring us the hard facts:

Donald Trump just might be a liar. Stephen Miller may be a white nationalist racist feret face. And, well, impeachment won’t reverse the Trump presidency… alas the vice president succeeds. Hey, remember back when we couldn’t even say “impeachment”? Well, now it’s time to stop saying impeachment is “political”.

Greg Dworkin rounds up some December punditry:

Oh no, the Democratic presidential campaign is in disarray? Joe Biden embarks on his 23 Skidoo tour bus, but maybe he’s really onto something there. Would a left-wing nominee actually hurt Democrats? What’s wrong with wrapping a little conservative malarky around your progressive policies if it makes them easier to swallow? Joe can’t bring himself to the end of a sentence, but that still puts him way ahead of Donald. 

Black Voters could help Biden win the Democratic nomination. Black voters are who are keeping him in first place. Thanks black voters!

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