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What a day! Trump is not just laughed at, but laughed out of Europe after the NATO conference. That’s a big deal for Trump. And other people, too, apparently.

Greg Dworkin rounds up the hot headlines, plus some we didn’t give enough time to, in all the excitement. Plus his usual peek at the numbers and analysis.

But Trump’s NATO flop isn’t even the biggest thing happening today. The House Judiciary Committee kicked off its impeachment hearings, with the usual games expected from Republicans. And the House Intelligence Committee released a report on its findings. The biggest bombshell to come out of it so far seems to be the phone records of Rudy Colludy and Lev Parnas. Which, as it happens, also contains some of Devin Nunes’ records, as well! And what records they are! But it’s not all about phone records. There’s mail, too! And don’t forget, Ukraine isn’t just about faking up Biden dirt.

Not much of a quckie impeachmen fan? Here are a few thoughts that might leave you more open to the idea.

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