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Hey, if it’s good enough for Andrew Napolitano and good enough for Nancy Pelosi then let’s do it. Constitutional scholars say now is the time for impeachment. On the other hand, impeachment pundit goldendoodlers might prefer Democrats enforced a few witness subpoenas first. Of course, the Founders would agree with much of this if they weren’t dead. Therefore, it’s settled... although we might need to impeach Donald Trump a few more times before everyone is satisfied. And, just in case Donald might run low on impeachable offences, Rudy Colludy has jetted off to Ukraine to find some more.

David Waldman only wishes Republicans would leave future baron, Barron Trump out of this. He’s just a child!

Greg Dworkin agrees with most Americans: Louie Gohmert is a moron, and Donald Trump is a bigger loser with each day. The world laughs at Donald Trump, albeit with a kind of nervous, angry laughter... Trump loses in court for the umpteenth time. Two undocumented immigrant housekeepers revealed Trump employs undocumented immigrants, again.

Polling shows that most Americans would describe themselves as middle of the road politically, easy to get along with, and quite young looking for their age. What if Democrats already have enough white working-class voters? Is the “optional” part of the public health care option the problem? Maybe including a co-pay for Bronx-Colors could help get it passed.

Boardroom desk mascot Jared Kushner will be eating more donuts sitting at Beijing desks in the near future.

William Barr warns against uppity communities not respecting their authorities, as traditionally this sort of behavior risks losing them their protection.

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