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Democrats in the House solemnly made it clear that Donald Trump deserves impeachment, and are getting ready to solemnly vote for the articles of impeachment that have been brought forward against Trump. In fact, not only did Trump commit “impeachable offenses”, but he committed crimes. Will all that solemnity go to waste after the articles are sent to the Senate? Probably! Moscow Mitch plans to hole up in his shell until this nightmare is over, while Rudy Colludy twerks with his pants around his knees. What are Democrats going to do about it?

David Waldman wields the full power of KITM’s 1:58+ running time to attempt to tackle the entirety of how Donald Trump’s federal criminal offences pertain to his impeachment, why additional witnesses and documents are needed, and to examine individual violations and crimes, such as campaign finance violations, bribery, honest services fraud, violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Hatch Act, committing contempt of Congress, and disobeying the Impoundment Control Act... for starters. David will wield more KITM’s at this topic this week!

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