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David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, Thursday. What more do you need to know? Here’s something:

Few realize, not many know, you might not be aware, you probably did not hear... the sixth Democratic primary debate is tonight. Who knows what there is left to ask them about at this point?

Oh yes, the impeachmentTulsi Gabbard was there. Tulsi won’t be at the primary debate of course, but she was sort of at the impeachment debate, where she placed her Schrodinger voteUnlike Tulsi, Trump was not present. Donald was in Michigan complaining about how few Democrats he’s been able to buy, including Debbie Dingell. Therefore, Trump joked about her late husband being in Hell.

Meanwhile, in the debate Republicans made no claims that Trump “did no wrong”. (They in fact did not claim that Trump was ever honest in any way.)

So here comes the Senate trial… Wait! Not so fast, Nancy Pelosi just mightMerrick Garlandher articles of impeachment for a bit until Moscow Mitch shows his hand, or Trump cracks.

After 7 years in Congress Trump ally Mark Meadows might quit to help Trump, and of course he hasn’t quite thought that out.

Heading into tonight’s debate, with not a whole lot of movement, polls show it’s still Joe Biden’s to lose. Hopefully it’ll be Trump’s to snooze.

A Chinese national was arrested after trespassing at Mar-a-Lago. Yep, another one.

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