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2020. A year so important, it will take us an extra day to get it just right... and yet we still aren’t quite done with 2019. David Waldman worked into the wee hours of the early afternoon, yesteryear—to assemble a new KITM for those of us up and eager to tackle a new day, a new year... a new decade! But… keep the volume down a bit, okay?

On Sunday we bombed some sites in Iraq and Syria, as we are wont to do. The U.S. embassy in Baghdad is now under siege. Things will get worse, but how much worse is in our Tiny Hands in Chief. Forty years ago, Jimmy Carter struggled with turmoil in the Middle East, but also with an American oligarchy pursuing private interest over public policy

That was before oligarchies ran the presidency, when we had a legitimate president, one we didn’t have to pretend was a remotely honest, functioning, sane person. Now Rudy Colludy travels the world making deals, kinda for Donald Trump, mostly for himself. As Gop telemarketers and grifters flood the White House, Donald moves to soak his own grifters. So, what if we someday agree that Trump is illegitimate? Will the invalid judges and their judgements just fade away?

Probably not. Welcome 2020!

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