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David Waldman opens up the week… heralds the new year… ushers in the new decade...what time is it?

Melania says, Peace on the world! Peace on it all! Donald loves peace on everything, so he makes it his New Years resolution and blows out the candles.

It could still be Castro 2020, but from now on the other half of the ticket.

Edward Gallagher let nothing get in the way of his slaughtering teens, and is now launching a “life”style brand for those aspiring to killer fashion. 

R.I.P. Jack Sheldon. Everyone remembers his voice. If you are old you might remember his triple tongue. If you are really old you might remember his face.

Greg Dworkin rings in the new year with Skype chimes, Abby, and guest-dog Saki:

Impeachment is so 2019. Time to talk removal. Will Senators care about any oath they take? Will the Chief Justice? Does any Senator care what the impact they have on the future? Does the Chief Justice? Donald Trump wants Joe Biden to testify at his Senate trial. He said he wanted his chief of staff, secretary of state, national security adviser, and personal lawyer to testify too, and he was lying of course. Perhaps the media’s New Year resolution could be to quit being propagandists. Video of Joe Biden suggesting a white nationalist idea is deceptively editedNo, duh. That’s what 2020’s going to be all about for Trump pushers, just like it was in 2016. Think before sharing. Even the trolls will tell you that! Trump does paint his face orange, so there.

Trump’s popularity isn’t much worse after impeachment, because it can’t get much worse. It won’t get much better before the election either.

Republican women are an endangered species, and you know what Republicans think of endangered species, and women.

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