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Seriously, what did you expect him to say, “mission accomplished”? Well...who knows what he “actually” said. Go ask his nurse. Then, ask your doctor if Adderall is right for you. Then get a second opinion.

David Waldman had things to do, so yesterday he donned his pipe and smoking jacket and recorded a special Kagro at Night for today’s presentation:

Iran appears to be standing down, Donald Trump appears to not be filling his Depends anymore. Donald can now return to talking big to his friends in the locker room. And, who knew this guy Soleimani was such a bad guy these last couple of decades? Tune into Fox to discover humanity’s next nemesis!

Also, a Ukrainian (!) airliner crashed in Iran (!) last night. Maybe it isn’t all about us... It is sad, though. Also sad, the earthquakes in Puerto Rico, which couldn’t have come at a worse time for Donald Trump as now he’s too busy to come up with a really biting tweet. And, there is something underhanded going on around Mar-a-Lago, which really isn’t awfully sad.

Can you believe it? Mitch (Moscow) McConnell is planning partisan power play! Lindsey Graham is up to being lickspittle! What can stop them? Is it 51 or 67 votes? David reviews Senate procedures and the enduring and prescient correctness of KITM, and its listeners.

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