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Friday! The news never ends, but David Waldman does need to devote his weekends to clearing out the bats, deer and racoons coming down from the KITM hinterlands, and of course Donald Trump requires a little time to come down from whatever he’s on. (I admit that’s wild speculation on my part... I don’t know for a fact that Trump ever comes down from whatever he’s on.)

Last night Trump had another Deplorable Rally, in which Donald was extra deplorable. Room temperature Mike Pence warmed up the crowd, by bragging that the justification for the Soleimani hit, and subsequent deaths of 176 civilians, was all a lie. The Trump crowd never minds any lies at their expense, as long as someone else is being lied to, also.

Moscow Mitch McConnell doesn’t mind changing the rules of the Senate. That’s what the rules are for, him. Mitch told Republican Senators he plans to be bitchy and petulant next week if Nancy Pelosi lets him down. (Don’t let it be said Nancy doesn’t have a heart.) Lickspittle Lindsey Graham demands Nancy cut a few days off that. 

Just in case Mitch deigns to follow a rule, what would the rules of Senate procedure and practice be for impeachment trials? Matt Gaetz steps out of line, for a second. Mike Lee is already back to the fold.

The Trump Administration uses redactions to hide what they don’t want you to see. Why, is there something wrong with that? James Inhofe understands the strategic importance of attacking cultural sites, as does the Commander in Chief

The Senate trial is coming sooner or later, so here’s your weekend primer Twitter threads on a few of the dumpster fires leading up to this moment.

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