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A big week for political junkies, masochists, David Waldman and KITM continues... mostly for the masochists. This is going to leave a mark:

So. What happened? Did anyone win? Did everyone lose? And, that phone app, developed by “Shadow Inc.“ on the behalf of strategy firm “Acronym”—no kidding!—was that the problem? Was it cable news, filling every down minute with stupidity and angst? Is it all the process? Or are caucuses just awful? There is plenty of blame to go around, and maybe some lessons to take away… as long as they take away caucuses too. (Republicans don’t like them either.) This will be a landmark week for trolls, though. David teaches us caucus math, which outside of the 8+ hours in a gym arguing with strangers is the most fun anyone could possibly have at a caucus!

Go ahead, ask Joan McCarter how much fun caucuses are, she’ll tell you. Joan and David chat caucuses, and preview the deeply gifted oration heading our way tonight. It won’t be from John Bolton. He’s not talking.

Texas A&M campus says guns are ok in classrooms and dorms. Technically, you aren’t allowed to use them to murder people, but one thing leads to another.

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