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David Waldman and guest Greg Dworkin thoroughly consider the day’s events on today’s KITM. Sure, it’s a full two hours, but if you can’t make the time, you might want to reconsider your lifestyle choices.

Acquitted! Donald Trump is out today making sure we all understand the meaning of that word, and how little it has to do with exoneration.

Speaking from the heart, and moved by faith, Mitt Romney set himself apart from those that have neither. Mitt Romney and Doug Jones are new profiles in courage, while censuring the entire Trump party. Mitt could have spoke up earlier, but in the end it really wouldn’t have mattered. Democrats will need to do this again until they get it right.

Sherrod Brown explains how Republicans can stand Trump, but not how they can stand upright.

Marie Yovanovitch tells us that American institutions need American courage to survive.

Matt Gaetz stands up for… Can Matt Gaetz stand?

Iowa has discovered how to stay at the top of the news cycle. Buttigieg and Sanders lead with... oh, let’s say, “a lot” of the results in.  Essentially they canceled the Iowa Caucus a few hours after everyone voted. Will New Hampshire be the final word on Biden’s Joementum? Well, as far as the media is concerned, it does look like a 3 man race.

Get ready for the upcoming Joe Biden and Burisma talking points by listening to David’s analysis of Burisma without the Biden framing.

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