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Last night, for once the Trumps weren’t the most talked about parasite family . The Academy says “Thanks Obama”. Donald hasn’t yet figured out who to expel or investigate in Hollywood, but once Rudy’s free to infiltrate, the DOJ will be waiting.

David Waldman hopes we can learn something from the Iowa caucus debacle before we forget about it. Pete Buttigieg officially took more delegates in IA, while Bernie got more votes. The Iowa Democratic party refuses to correct its math errors, although there could be a recanvass, or maybe even a recount. Of course, the RNC is always standing by to compound any errors. Next caucus, possibly next debacle: Nevada.

New Hampshire voters are now saddled with the paradox of choice in Tuesday’s primary, with Nevada and South Carolina soon after. Greg Dworkin lets us know what to look for, and forward to Sanders and Buttigieg lead in NH, but with different voters. It doesn’t sound as if they’ll be picking up each other’s supporters any time soon. Neither of them have a grip on black voters like Joe Biden, if that is even what Joe has.

Meanwhile, the UK declares the 2019 Coronavirus an imminent threat as confirmed cases top 40,000 in at least 24 countries with nearly half catching it in the hospital.

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