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Today probably isn’t the best day to balance a broom. Dixville Notch may not be exactly the "picture-perfect democracy" we thought it was. Even “Hookers For Jesus” might not be all they seem on the surface.

David Waldman and KITM, you can trust:

Donald Trump ruins people’s day, today in New Hampshire, locally in Manchester. Donald continues his federally supported feud with Jeff Bezos, better yet, Jeff continues his feud with Donald. Donald is a tough guy. A pretty, pretty, pretty tough guy.

Chuck Todd insinuates that Bernie Sanders has certain supporters that behave as an online mob out to bully and intimidate anyone they see in opposition… but then, Chuck leaned into Godwin’s law and now there’s both righteous indignation in the air and blood in the water

A House staffer reported sexual assault at a VA hospital, so of course the Veterans’ Affairs secretary Robert Wilkie worked to smear her.

Joan McCarter visits with primary news and more:

Donald Trump’s slash-and-burn 2021 budget proposal didn’t overlook the forgotten people in rural America. It goes out of its way to grind them under.

Susan Collins is deeply troubled to discover the meaning of quid pro quo.

Utah sends its employees to Mexico for lower prescription prices, pays for airline tickets, throws in 500 bucks and still gets a deal. Why not make it a real holiday and get some teeth pulled?

The Bureau of Land Management is no match for the oil, gas and lithium barons of the wild west, and their hired guns. A well armed benevolent association targets the Mayor of New York, and tells him the “game’s on”.

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