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On KITM today, David Waldman is here and ready to discuss and examine several things, e.g. ”&”, i.e., an “ampersand; Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, father of chicken, and how Iowa’s bullshit is everyone’s bullshit. Also:

Donald Trump and William Barr continue their rampage with Republican acquiescence. Barr has no choice but to resign, unless “not resigning” is a choice, then he’ll probably go with that. Barr will also choose not to do the math on Roger Stone. No reason to choose to do anything correctly if no one is checking your work.

Unredacted emails on Ukraine show how much the OMB was hiding from Congress. The DOJ has finally gotten around to reviewing how much Erik Prince was misleading Congress on Russia. Tired of all of the deception, the Senate Gop arranges for no one to find things out in the first place. Republican Rep. Ross Spano told buddies how cool it would be to violate campaign finance laws. They told him to go for it.

Joe Biden must still be a threat to Trump, since Republicans are still investigating Hunter. Donald should be worried about Mike Bloomberg.

On Tuesday, a former captain of Ohio State’s wrestling team testified about Jim (Gym) Jordan grovelling, on the Fourth of July, tears streaming down his eyes, in an effort to continue his cover-up of serial sexual abuses.

Hope Hicks, how will she do it?

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