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Donald Trump is defunding Stars and Stripes to pay for the wall that he promised Mexico would pay for. Republicans worried most about acquitting Trump are much more cheerful now that their checks cleared.

Most read Business Insider just for the articles, but there’s always some into the animal-rights activists crashing Bernie Rallies thing as well.

Alan Dershowitz said the opposite of what he just said in an attempt to win his next case, which is of course why he’s paid the big bucks.

Joan McCarter skypes in to tell us Moscow Mitch has blocked about 400 House-passed bills. Mitch won’t let the Senate vote to secure the election, although McConnell does have some sure-fail anti-abortion bills to push through, to help calm the nerves of Senators such as Susan Collins. Susan happens to be concerned about re-election, but has never been awfully troubled by Senate rules. As long as Collins has Trump’s back, he has hers… maybe.

Eddie DeBarolo’s got Trump’s back. Rod Blagojevich returns in time for the 2020 elections. So might Seth Rich.

How are 2,000 former officials of the Justice Department going to stop William Barr? How are 1,100 federal judges going to stop William Barr? Absolutely nothing is going to stop Donald Trump.

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