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How do you feel this morning? Norms and institutions are falling all around us. David Waldman breaks the news: The Boy Scouts file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which could be only the start of their financial woes until they pick up a little business sense.

Tonight’s Democratic debate won’t be only rousing entertainment. This one is important. Introducing an old rich white guy into the mix might bring untold volatility to this race. Bernie Sanders might as well give up his double digit lead and go home. Psst. Have you heard? Bernie’s a “socialist”. The “Democratic Socialist” label isn’t playing well in local diners, especially with those not enthusiastic about the “Democratic” label.

And, what about Elizabeth Warren you say? Hey, don’t count out Warren yet! Ok, Greg Dworkin says perhaps you can. Listen, he doesn’t make the rules. Who knows who does… but just never trust the opinion of bogus respondents, they will always let you down.

While you are voting, and if you happen to be voting in Maine, vote for Sara Gideon. Mainers might be just finding out about Sara, but they already are beginning to like her more than Susan Collins, who finally might become troubled.

Donald Trump got a little pardon practice in yesterday. He needs to limber up for the big league players. Rod Blagojevich joins the Trumpocrats, as Donald drains the penitentiaries back into the swamp. Trump gave his pardonees a trial by their peers… who all hope for their pardons in the future, and share a well-founded hatred of laws. William Barr gets that, unlike those thousands of former DOJ officials and judges working against his boss, the chief law enforcement officer of the country

John Rood, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the Pentagon just didn’t get it. Barr might need to look into him, once he finishes routing out a few apostates in the CIA.

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