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Don’t ask David Waldman how the debates went, he didn’t watch them. Oh wait, you can ask him, we just spent the last couple of hours finding out all about them.

We’re all awaiting the Roger Stone sentencing (Spoiler Alert!), but it probably doesn’t matter. Trump will pardon him once Roger’s check clears. The humanly decent thing to do would be to lock Stone away from decent humanity forever.

Hey, wasn’t it like… yesterday when Elizabeth Warren was completely doomed? Then Liz came in and walloped, pummeled, thrashed, and clobbered Mike Bloomberg at the Democratic debate. She eviscerated Bloomberg. Stepped on him like King Kong. Tore him a dozen new ones. Why, Elizabeth Warren took Mike Bloomberg and… 

Greg Dworkin says all that probably won’t matter. Bernie’s way in the lead, especially if you are under 50. (Those over 50 may have actually seen an actuarial table.) Warren wasted her entire time last night building her brand and broadening her base instead of tilting at Bernie. Who pays attention to debates anyhow? They probably don’t matter. As predicted, Bloomberg blew the debate but today bought a few endorsements to make himself feel nice. Anyhow, you didn’t see any Dems do that thing someone said they should do if they really want to beat Trump...  Eh, it probably won’t matter.

Meanwhile, Pete and Amy’s love-hate relationship continued to blossom, but don’t expect a proposal in the fourth season. And, Joe was there too.

Donald Trump is a puppet. Therefore he understands the need for puppets. His latest is Richard Grenell as Acting Head of Intelligence, who fits all the requirements for the position.

And, it’s @Darwin_Darko deja vu as we finally get to listen to Darwin’s unabridged report on the new members of our new Space Force. Spacemen” and “space cadets” are out, so what do we call them? What does military publication Stars and Stripes do when Trump treats them like PBS?

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