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Middle of the week, beginning of a pandemic, but we are past Super Tuesday!

David Waldman welcomes Greg Dworkin, our go-to for all things political and pulmonologic, and they go there today:

Eventually COVID-19 infections will be down to zero. (After all, how many people presently have the Spanish Flu? ) If you want to look into the future though, look into Seattle’s local news. The US is past containment, onto mitigation. Donald Trump is so confused, he can barely obfuscate, so ignore Trump, find rational sources and stick with those.

Yesterday was a super Tuesday for Landslide Joe. Not so much Bernie. Meanwhile, Bloomberg suspends, Warren reassessesbetter luck next time Jessica Cisneros, too bad Cenk Uygur, and hooray for Katie Porter!

Yes, we are back to Uncle Joe at the topThanks to the 40% that were forced to make their choice in the last few days, or James Clyburn, or Emo Joe’s not-Hunter son Pete... Thank anybody but the establishment. Tuesday demonstrated that if you take who people actually want to vote for and add fear, that equals electability and Safety Joe is looking safer every day. Biden still has to worry about militant vegans, but not so much Wall Street, and definitely should be wary of previous decisions sneaking up on him... Of course that was a different time. (unless Joe thinks getting votes means it is “that time” again)

Is Felix Mikhailovich Sheferovsky Sater, Фе́ликс Миха́йлович Шеферовский, a Russian mob double agent? Hmm, could be.

Democrats continue to fear… everything, and thus are a bit shy to subpoena John Bolton, let alone enforce existing subpoenas. David suggests they gather up their testicles, ovaries, etc. and tackle this.

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