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It’s a kind of super Tuesday today. A pretty big Tuesday. Probably the last big one for one of the candidates. Relax, it’s not the end of the world, maybe.

Trump would fiddle while the whole world burns, if he had an inclination to do anything, which he doesn’t, so here we are. Meanwhile, the Fox flu continues its spread. The CPAC Pandemic in fact might have exposed at least 5 Republicans, and as usual Jim Jordan saw nothing.

Of those who might have coronavirus, Doug Collins was first to take the opportunity to share his with Donald Trump. Then, Matt Gaetz rode over to the airport with Trump, flew in Air Force One with him, and made sure to disperse the virus thoroughly throughout the plane. Man, you don’t even want to know what Mike Pence did...

Who knows how many reporters have attempted by this point to infect Trump, but Donald refuses to give them, or the coronavirus, the satisfaction of being tested, or of canceling his rallies. He’s decided that by now what people don’t know, can’t hurt him. Mike Pence begged Bibi Netanyahu to not have Israel ban only the US carriers of the Trump virus, so instead Bibi banned everyone.

The Trump name is worthless, now officially by EU decree. Erik Prince, purveyor of spies to Project Veritas, conveniently is funded through the People’s Republic of China.

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