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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin welcome us to the new normal... How much trouble are we in? A lot! Damn, where have you been for the last few weeks?

Trendsetters Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have returned from Australia wearing the latest in novel viruses. Coronavirus is popping up in the swankiest places!

People used to think this was a joke. It is not time to be funny anymore. It is time to be nice, and careful, and to ignore Donald TrumpOh f@#%, that was a bad speech last night, wrong in almost every way.  Remember, those are nacho experts — stick with your local public health departments!

As Jared Kushner and Jim Cramer attempt to take the reins, de facto President Pelosi works to save America. Compare and contrast.

The Fox nation buys gold, eats silver, preppers their teeth, bans the swarthy and goes on the attack. At least they’re waking up to some reality.

Trump could profit from the coronavirus testing the CDC is sticking with, but shouldn’t. Ingredients for the tests are being made and used in Europe right now. The CDC hasn’t actually tried any of their tests out yet. Even at maximum capacity, this solution is no longer good enough. We probably lost our chance to be “South Korea”, and we are fast approaching “Italy”. 89,000 local governments are supposed to have a meeting about this soon.

Experts estimate 70 or up to 150 million people in the U.S. will contract coronavirus, and with only about 400 thousand available hospital beds, that would mean all beds should be filled by about May 10, unless estimates are completely wrong, then it would be May 16. Even now, hospitals are making do by improvising. Of course, those efforts can only go so far.

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