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Crazy rumors! Mass Hysteria... dogs and cats living together, etc. over here in Ohio, but no voting… yes voting... NO VOTING IN OHIO DAMN IT… as chaos spreads under our proud burgee.

David Waldman holds it all together with us for a couple of hours:

The people who 2 weeks ago said this was a hoax, and 1 week ago said it was an overreaction, sold out gun stores yesterday once they finally began to get what we’ve been telling them. Well, maybe they still don’t quite get it, but they are beginning to, maybe.

The UK only realised "in the last few days" that its coronavirus strategy would "likely result in hundreds of thousands of deaths", but hey, in China they are closing their temporary hospitals in Wuhan, so we might be able to pick up some discount respirators

Joan McCarter calls in to assure us that Idaho still exists, and give us the latest DC news:

Moscow Mitch McConnell’s urgent plea for coronavirus bill action has turned out to be not so urgent, as he first waits for a few old Republican judges to show some symptoms. Mitch might do something today, if Elizabeth Warren doesn’t come over the railing at him first. So, for now Louie Gohmert holds our future in his hands.

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